About Me

One of the most popular drumming teachers in Manchester and with a roster of 50 students, I have been playing drums for 16 years and teaching for 8.

Now 32, I started learning drums at 13 in secondary school, then started learning drums with one of the UK's top teachers at 15. I started my band at 17 and from there I have played drums with various signed bands as a session musician.

Teaching drums is my life; where most teachers teach part time and top up their income in schools I teach solely 1-1 in the studio, making me one of the best private teachers in the North West.

My reach isn't just limited to Manchester, I have students from all over the globe having lessons with me through Skype, and people from all over the country enjoying my drumming courses.

Student Support

With 19 years experience in drums and being trained by the best, I have great knowledge in teaching with a practical approach, and adapting my teaching style for each student. My passion for drumming speaks volumes, and I am available 24/7 for my students with advice or anything else they may need me for.

Almost all of my students have gotten their own kits as a result of enjoying their lessons with me. I always offer a drum kit set-up and tuning service at your home to help get you started and set-up properly. All of my students that persue it have gotten into bands and I will always offer advice on playing in bands, when I can I try to go to my students gigs for moral support!

Outside of Teaching

On top of session work I have also been very privileged to work with a number of high profile acts in the music and entertainment industries. I have trained acting musicians in the art of the performance, working with actors from the Buddy Holly musical and The Who musical.

Drumming therapy

Learning drums also helps for a large number of common health issues; the therapeutic aspects particularly in drums are renowned. I have taught students with high levels of stress, depression, anxiety and students with motor-skill conditions such as cerebral palsy. They have all gone on to stress the benefits of learning drums to help their respective conditions.

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