About Me

The biggest drumming school in Manchester and with a roster of over 50 students, I have been playing drums for 17 years and teaching for 10.

A student of UK drumming legend Dave Hassell, I have been privileged to also work as a session musician, train theatre musicians in the art of performance and start a number of my own projects.

Teaching drums is my life; where most teachers teach part time and top up their income in schools I teach solely 1-1 in the studio, making me one of the best private teachers in the North West.

My reach isn't just limited to Manchester, I have students from all over the globe having lessons with me through Skype, and people from all over the country enjoying my drumming courses.

Recent Work

Speaker Failure, a jazz project I started in 2016 and have recorded an EP in March 2018

Student Support

With 19 years experience in drums and being trained by the best, I have great knowledge in teaching with a practical approach, and adapting my teaching style for each student. My passion for drumming speaks volumes, and I am available 24/7 for my students with advice or anything else they may need me for.

Drumming therapy

Learning drums also helps for a large number of common health issues; the therapeutic aspects particularly in drums are renowned. I have taught students with high levels of stress, depression, anxiety and students with motor-skill conditions such as cerebral palsy. They have all gone on to stress the benefits of learning drums to help their respective conditions.

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