Terms and Conditions

By booking with Manchester Drum Lessons you are agreeing to the following terms:

Payment options

I accept cash and bank transfer only, no cheques are accepted as forms of payment. Paypal can be considered but an extra surcharge will be charged.

If paying by bank transfer the money must be paid in at least 72 before the lesson to confirm your slot. I do not under any circumstances permit payment after the lesson has taken place.

Changes to agreed lesson times are permitted under the following conditions:

More than 48 hours notice: No cost, your lesson will be rearranged for another time.

Less than 48 hours notice: Full cost of lesson due, if the lesson is part of a block, the lesson will be deducted from the number of lessons you have paid for.

If the lesson is not part of a block, ie if you pay for 1 lesson at a time, you will not be able to book again until the cancelled lesson is paid for.

Missing or forgetting a lesson will also be subject to the above terms.

Lessons must end at the agreed end time

- If you are late for whatever reason the lesson will not run beyond the agreed lesson end time. Genuine unavoidable lateness (for example, due to public transport delays / strikes / service cancellations) will always be considered and we will do our best to compensate for 'lost time', although we offer no guarantee that this will be possible.

- You must contact me if you need to rearrange a lesson for another time and leave a message if there is nobody to answer your call. You must try to notify me via call or text if you are running late for your lesson.

Block Lessons

- Payment for block lessons must be paid in full before the first lesson has taken place. Payment in installments is not permitted under any circumstances, if you don't have enough money the lesson will be charged at the rate for 1 lesson with the block starting when you do have enough money to pay in full.

- All block lessons have an expiry of 12 months from date of payment.

- As these block lessons are discounted they are non-refundable and can not be exchanged for cash.

- If not used within the allotted time the remainder of the block will be cancelled and no refund given for the remaining lesson(s).

Termination of lessons

- The student reserves the right to terminate lessons at any time.

- No refund will be given for any outstanding lessons in a block.

Manchester Drum Lessons reserves the right to terminate lessons at any time with no refund given for remaining lessons, this will only be in extreme cases such as;-

  • Physical or verbal abuse of staff or other residents in the building.
  • Continually breaking cancellation policy, not showing up for lessons.
  • Any deliberate damage of any equipment or materials.

Student Discounts

- All students with a valid student ID are entitled to receive student discount.

- Discounted offers are exempt from any other offers (free lesson offers etc).

- Student discount limits the student to weekday lessons up to 5pm. Student discount price cannot be used for evening (5pm onwards) and weekend lessons.

- Manchester Drum Lessons reserves the right to refuse discount prices at any time.

Free lessons and other offers.

- A free lesson is added to the end of the block only after all other lessons in that block have taken place.

- Manchester Drum Lessons reserves the right to refuse free lessons at any time.

Gift Vouchers

- Vouchers will only be sent once payment is received.

- Gift vouchers have an expiry date of 12 months from date of purchase.

- Block gift vouchers are subject to the same terms as lessons above.

- These vouchers are non-refundable and can not be exchanged for cash.


- Courses must be paid in full at time of booking, unless booked a minimum of 3 months in advance with a deposit.

- Cancellations will be permitted with course fees refunded in full if cancelled 3 months before course date.
If cancelled with more than 2 months notice 50% of the course fees will be refunded.
If cancelled with less than 2 months notice the entire cost of the course will be charged and not refunded.

- Any special requirements for the course such as a change in start/finish times, any disabled access etc must be made aware to me with at least 2 weeks notice.

- If booking accomodation through myself the cost is not subject to negotiation and will be due in full at time of booking. Cancellation policy for accomadation is the same as above.

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